iPowerShell Now Available on Android

SAPIEN technologies, Inc. is proud to announce that we’ve officially released iPowerShell on the Play Store!  In this blog post, we will outline the two biggest features available.

SSH/PSWA Servers

Just as in the iOS version, there is a console capable of managing your servers using SSH or PowerShell Web Access. We worked with /n Software again using their PowerShell Server software which allows connecting over SSH using PowerShell.

Adding either type of server works the same way; simply tap the Server tile from the main page, click the plus in the bottom right corner (Image 1), and fill out your server info (Image 2):

Image 1

Image 2

Once you’ve added the server, you can select it from the list and begin running commands as if you were using a console at the machine (Image 3). The console also comes with the Cmdlet Builder and history feature from iOS as well. Use the Builder to make complex cmdlets easier to form or History to find the cmdlet you ran last night but can’t recall the name (Image4).

Image 3

Image 4

Help File Reference

When you first install the app, you’re prompted to download the reference data which is roughly 60MB in size and contains all the default Microsoft PowerShell help files. They’re fully searchable and sortable by module, verb, or even noun. This way, if you’re looking for something that you’re certain starts with Wai, you don’t have to waste your time digging (Image 5).

Image 5

Perhaps you use a custom module that you can’t live without (such as DBA Tools) and the help files aren’t added to iPowerShell, yet. Well, as long as the help files follow the specifications from Microsoft, you can add them to the app by simply going to Tools → Data → Update (Image 6) and selecting the help files (Image 7):

Image 6

Image 7

Currently, iPowerShell is available for Android KitKat (4.4) or later. If you have any feedback or bug reports, please direct them to our forums: https://www.sapien.com/forums/viewforum.php?f=17