PowerShell Studio 2017: Service Release v5.4.139

Today we released a new build of PowerShell Studio 2017 (v5.4.139). In this build we added a number of new features, such as multi-language syntax coloring.


New Features

Multi-Language Syntax Coloring Support

Yes, you read that correctly, we added support for syntax coloring to a total of 19 languages / file types.


Does this mean PowerShell Studio is replacing PrimalScript?

No. The multi-language syntax coloring feature was only added for your convenience. The purpose of the feature is to allow viewing and basic editing of these files only. We realize often times users are required to work with a variety of file types; this is especially true when working with module projects.  Adding support for multi-language syntax coloring does not mean PowerShell Studio will allow you to compile or build projects using non-PowerShell languages. If you require that functionality, we recommend using PrimalScript instead.


Supported Languages:

Language Extensions
PowerShell *.ps1, *.psm1, *.psd1
Batch *.bat
C# *.cs
C++ *.cpp, *.h
C *.c
CSS *.css
HTML *.html, *.htm
INI *.ini, *.inf
Java *.java
JScript *.js
JSON *.json
PHP *.php
Python *.py
SQL *.sql
VB.NET *.vb
VB Script *.vbs
XAML *.xaml
XML *.xml, *.xsl, *.xslt, *.xsd
Text *.txt


The following are sample screenshots of different languages.





VB Script



Editing Theme Coloring for Languages

You can edit the language specific coloring via Options->Editor->Font and Color:

Edit Language Coloring

When you save a color preset, it will include the settings for all the languages supported in PowerShell Studio.


Module Projects – Support for multiple psd1 and psm1 files

You can now add multiple psd1 and psm1 files to a module project as long as they are located in a sub-directory and not in the root of the project folder.


New Control Set

We added a new control set, TextBox – Browse for Folder (Modern) control set. This control uses the FolderBrowserModernDialog control instead of the traditional FolderBrowserDialog.

TextBox - Browse for Folder (Modern)


Console – Cancel Execution

We added a Cancel Execution command to the embedded console context menu, which tells the console to stop the execution of the running command.

Console - Cancel Execution



Please continue providing your feedback. Many of the new features included in the service builds are suggestions from users like you. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or feature requests, please share them with us on our Wish List and Feature Requests forum.