PowerShell HelpWriter 2017: Service Release v2.1.34

Today we released a new build of PowerShell HelpWriter 2017 (v2.1.34).


In this article, we will discuss the new features introduced in this build.

Note: If you previously tried to generate help for a module and got an “Operation is not valid due to the current state of the object.” error, please update to this build in order to resolve the issue.


Forwards and Backwards Navigation

Just like in PowerShell Studio, we added a new navigation feature that allows you to jump back to previously visited documents or help items within the same document.


HelpWriter Navigation

Navigate Forward [Ctrl + Shift + +]
Navigate Backward [Ctrl + Shift + –]


As you edit your help files, PowerShell HelpWriter will keep a history of the visited items, making it easier to go back to your previous location without having to click through the navigation bar.


Cross File Command Links

Now you add links to cmdlets defined in other project help files via the Links grid context menu:

Cross File Links

Or via the Links grid’s drop down list:

Cross File Link - Grid Pulldown


Silent Deactivation

The final feature added to this build is the command line option /DEACTIVATE to silently deactivate your software:

PowerShellHelpWriter.exe /DEACTIVATE

Note: The software will require internet access in order to deactivate a subscription number successfully.


Please continue providing your feedback. Many of the new features included in the service builds are suggestions from users like you. Therefore, if you have any suggestions or feature requests, please share them with us on our Wish List and Feature Requests forum.