SAPIEN MVP 2017 Award Winners

One of the highlights of the end of each year is the opportunity to bestow the SAPIEN MVP Award for the coming year. This year, we had a record number of applications and we’re delighted to welcome two new MVPs and several continuing MVPs.

The SAPIEN MVP Award 2017 is awarded to a group of people who demonstrate technical excellence, uses and show SAPIEN software, participate on our forums, and provide feedback to our development team. These people are technical stars and we’re so proud to have them on our team.

Please welcome and congratulate the SAPIEN MVPs 2017. We recommend that you follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their excellent blogs.

  • James Vierra, a renewed SAPIEN MVP, is a frequent and much-appreciated contributor to the SAPIEN forums. If you’ve posted on our forum, you’ve probably corresponded with James. When he’s not on our forums, he’s a systems engineer and designer based in New York City. He blogs at
  • Jason Yoder (@JasonYoder_MCT) is a Microsoft Certified Professional Trainer (MCT) who teaches classes worldwide in Windows Server, Windows Client, and Windows PowerShell with PowerShell Studio and PowerShell HelpWriter. He blogs at

We’re really proud of the technical expertise and outstanding communication skills that our MVPs bring to our team. If you have questions for them, let us know and we’ll set up a time for you to chat with them. If you’re interested in the SAPIEN MVP program, learn about our MVPs and see the requirements.

And, again, congratulations to SAPIEN MVPs 2017.