My SAPIEN License is expiring. No, it’s not!

Recently, a PowerShell friend lamented that his PowerShell Studio license was expiring and he was going to miss using his Studio while he convinced his management to renew.

He was wrong. SAPIEN licenses never expire. Never ever ever ever. Legally, they’re perpetual.

When you buy SAPIEN software, it’s yours. End of story. SAPIEN software is not a service. The software license doesn’t expire. Your software doesn’t self-destruct when you open it or undergo a dramatic virtual crumbling into ashes. Your software license is forever. You can start your software and use it tomorrow, next year, in 10 years, in 100 years (well, maybe not, but…).

If you get a new computer, just de-activate your software on the old machine and activate it on your new machine. If your machine bursts into flames, you can download your licensed software again from your Registered Products page.

The maintenance subscription expires.

What does expire and need to be renewed is the accompanying maintenance subscription. When you buy SAPIEN software, in addition to the forever license, you get a free, one-year (or more!) subscription to all updates (we do these all the time) and upgrades, including major x.0 and annual upgrades. It’s a really good deal.

If your maintenance subscription expires, you still get to keep your original software plus all software updates and upgrades released while your subscription was active, but you don’t get any new ones. If you renew your maintenance subscription, and you really should, you continue to get our awesome new updates and upgrades.

Think about it like this. You buy an old-fashioned magazine subscription. (Remember those?) You get a zillion paper copies of the magazine. If you let the subscription lapse, you don’t get any new issues, but no one comes to your house demanding to take the old ones away. They’re yours forever. It’s like that, but cooler, because software doesn’t pile up in corners of your office.

So, if you get one of our oh-so-gentle reminders that something is about to expire:

Just a gentle reminder that your subscription for PowerShell Studio 2016 will expire in two months. Visit your account’s registered products page and click on the RENEW WITH DISCOUNT link to take advantage of discounted renewal pricing.

Just remember that what’s expiring is your maintenance subscription, not your license. And, if you have any questions, check out our FAQ, especially the License v. Subscription section.

And, give your copy of PrimalScript or PowerShell Studio or PowerShell HelpWriter or WMI Explorer or Primal SQL a big hug. It’s yours forever.