New Keyboard Shortcuts in PowerShell Studio 2016

The newest version of PowerShell Studio, 5.2.128, includes some nice updates, additions, and fixes, but I wanted to call your attention to the change in our keyboard shortcuts. We’ve updated them to simplify the most frequently used shortcuts and to make our shortcuts consistent with other Windows tools. Special thanks to our Wish List contributors for their suggestions.

If you are using a keyboard shortcut program or you have a programmable keyboard or input device, you might need to adjust your settings.

Find / Replace Ctrl + F or Ctrl + H
Run Selection in Console F8
Run in Console Ctrl + F8
Run Selection Shift + F8
Run Remote F6
Run Remote RSEE Shift + F6
Toggle Alias Ctrl + B
Create Region Ctrl + R
Preview Form Ctrl + Shift + F5
Debug Remote (RSEE) Ctrl + F6


These keyboard changes are listed in our update log,, and on the Keyboard Shortcuts page in PowerShell Studio (on the ribbon, click Help and, in the Product Support section, click Keyboard Shortcuts).

Screenshot 2016-09-02 17.17.19

I peek at Keyboard Shortcuts list often, so I’ve added it to the Quick Access toolbar in PowerShell Studio.

Screenshot 2016-09-06 12.47.59

We hope these changes make PowerShell Studio even easier to use.