Write a Multi-Form PowerShell GUI App

Tested on: PowerShell 2.0+, PowerShell Studio 2016

This step-by-step example shows you how to create a very simple multi-form PowerShell GUI app. The app consists of a parent form that gets data from a child form and displays it. When you finish, you’ll know how to use the basic multi-form features of PowerShell Studio.


For details about how these features work under the covers, see How Do Multi-Form Projects Work?

For this task, we assume that you know how to create a single-form PowerShell GUI app or that you’ve participated in a Thinking in Events hands-on lab. Otherwise, start with the My First Form videos (Part 1: Build a Simple PowerShell GUI App and Part 2: Controls and Properties) and read the beginner blogs in PowerShell GUIs: Where do I start?


I had a great time in Austin, Texas (yes, Austin is still in Texas) last week with the Austin PowerShell User Group (@ATXPowerShell). Founded by Thom Schumacher and now admirably led by Aditi Satam, this awesome group serves PowerShell folks in the whole Austin metro area. And, Austin is home to whole slew of computing powers, including Facebook, Dell, IBM, AMD, 3M, and the famous University of Texas at Austin.

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June Blender is a technology evangelist at SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. and a Windows PowerShell MVP. You can reach her at juneb@sapien.com or follow her on Twitter at @juneb_get_help.