New Quick-Learn Video: Enclosures in PowerShell Studio

We all love blog posts that explain something complex in simple terms or demonstrate an elegant technique for performing a task or solving a problem. But, sometimes, a quick video is more effective, especially when the result is visual. Also, there are many people who can learn more quickly by watching than reading.

I’ve been spinning up some short videos about PowerShell solutions and cool features of SAPIEN products that are easy to miss in the treasure trove of features. They’re all on our YouTube channel:

The latest video, Parentheses, Braces, Brackets & Quotes in PowerShell Studio, shows how to use the enclosure features of PowerShell studio to accelerate your scripting. You can enable/disable the auto-closure feature that adds an ending enclosure ( ), }, ], “) whenever you type a beginning enclosure ( (, {, [, “). You can also use the Ctrl key to enclose text that you’ve already typed, and the handy Ctrl-Alt-‘ to toggle quotation marks from single to double and back.

And, there’s more:

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To get our current video list, use a function like this one. You can probably come up with something more elegant, but this works for me.

function Get-SAPIENVideo
    $Url = ""
    $SAPIENVideos = (Invoke-WebRequest -uri $Url).Links | Where-Object { $_.Title -and $_.href -like "/watch*" }
    $SAPIENVideos | Select-Object -Property Title, @{L='URL';E={'' + $_.href}}

If you have a suggestion for a feature video, please let me know. We try to focus on basic PowerShell tasks that can be explained quickly in a short video.