My First Form: New Videos for PowerShell GUI Beginners

Like most things, once you know the basics, it’s really easy to build GUI applications with Windows PowerShell and PowerShell Studio. And, like most things, it’s hard to learn the basics. We’re here to help.

We just posted a two-part series of videos. You can watch them in any order.

  • My First Form: Build a Simple PowerShell GUI App is a step-by-step guide to building a little PowerShell GUI app that displays the versions of Windows and Windows PowerShell on your system.
  • My First Form: Controls and Properties is like a prequel. It introduces you to the concepts of the Windows Forms controls that we use in the GUI applications. It shows you how to add them to your app and how to find and change their property values. It also introduces you to the SAPIEN Spotlight articles that provide clear, simple help for each control, along with examples written in Windows PowerShell.

If you want more information designed especially for GUI development, see PowerShell GUIs; Where do I start?

To see all of the videos from SAPIEN Technologies, subscribe to our YouTube channel: SAPIENTech. If you have comments, questions, ideas for more videos, be sure to let us know.