New PowerShell Reference Tool

SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. is pleased to introduce our new online Windows PowerShell Reference tool, which is based on the reference section of iPowerShell Pro.

Windows PowerShell Reference Tool

To find it, on the SAPIEN web page, click Support and then click PowerShell Reference. Or, go directly to

SAPIEN Support Menu - Powershell Reference

PowerShell Reference contains help for Windows PowerShell and PowerShell modules. This tool allows you to search through Cmdlet Help, About Help and Provider Help with just a click of your mouse.

SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. Windows PowerShell Reference

After you’ve chosen a help category, start typing in the search box. The menu will filter as you type.

PowerShell Reference - Cmdlet search

When you choose an item from the list, the document displays with the standard Microsoft formatting.

PowerShell Reference - Cmdlet Search: Get-

The SEE ALSO links in About Help topics are actually clickable, making it easier to jump to related topics.

PowerShell Reference - About Help

If you are surfing PowerShell Reference on your iPhone or iPad, you can jump straight from your browser to the corresponding place in iPowerShell Pro.

Windows Powershell reference - browser viewiPowerShell Pro Windows PowerShell Reference

Our library includes the data from Microsoft’s PowerShell documentation as well as many of the modules found in the PowerShell Gallery. If you’ve written a module for the gallery, and your module includes valid XML help files, it might appear in PowerShell Reference, too. (If you need help writing help, be sure to check out PowerShell HelpWriter!)

We run an updater once a quarter unless more frequency is needed, so check back often for added modules.

And, be sure to let us know if you like PowerShell Reference, including requests for help for particular modules.