WMI Explorer 2016 released


WMI Explorer 2016 was released as part of the regular update cycle for our subscribers. We added some improvements behind the scenes:

– improved security blanket handling allows remote browsing for more machines on your network.
– detect and handle classes with descriptions that have linefeed only line ending.
– general performance enhancements.

The most obvious change of course is the new default color scheme. If you do not get the new color settings after upgrading from the 2015 version, that is normal, as all 2015 settings are transferred automatically and that includes the currently selected skin. If you want the new look, simply select “Visual Studio 2012 (Dark)” from the style menu.


Likewise, if you do not really like the new all black look, just select “Visual Studio 2012 (Light)” from this menu to get the 2015 look. Of course you can try any other skin as well, the choice is yours.
We have also added new icons for the individual elements such as properties and methods. These same icons are now used in all 2016 SAPIEN products, so it will be easier to recognize related items between products.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Please feel free to visit the support forum and let us know what you think or need.