How do you run scripts?

It’s one of those questions that probably divides people into clans, like where you place your curly braces in a script block.

But, it’s an important question for productivity. Those of us who live the PowerShell life run scripts all the time. We might also delegate the task of running scripts to others. If the way that we run our scripts isn’t efficient, we (or our delegates) lose at least some of the time we gained from automation.

  • Some of us (okay, me) run scripts from the console. We’ll open a console window and type the path and file name of the script.
  • Others (okay, me, too) open an editor, like PowerShell Studio, examine the code, and then run then use it’s ‘Run’ or ‘Run in console’ feature.
  • Still others might build or use a PowerShell GUI app or a web app that runs scripts, or use a dashboard, or even run scripts from File Explorer (Run with PowerShell).

We can guess about the answers, but at SAPIEN Technologies, Inc., we build automation platforms, so making sure that we know the correct answer, not a guess, is critical.


We’ve built a quick 8-question, short-answer survey to gather this data. We’ll use the data to inform our design decisions and share it with the community.

Please take a few minutes and complete the survey. Then, share it with friends and colleagues. The more data we have, the more we’ll know about our community.

If you have questions or comments, please let us know. And, thanks. Every data point helps.