How to submit a support request


With social media and every company having a presence in a number of places it sometimes feels like it won’t matter where you ask your questions. So it is only normal that we get phone calls, tweets, blog comments, smoke signals and bush drums sent our way for feedback and support requests. If you are just providing us with a comment or a one off remark that is all fine. Please put post-it notes to the right side of the door…

However, if you are asking for help with a PowerShell topic or with one of our products we ask you to use our forum. Or, if you have premium support and the problem is with our software, we ask you to use our ticketing system.

The forum has the big advantage in that it is indexed by search engines and others can find the solution to your problem later.
It also allows you to add screen shots, sample scripts or any other data that can help identify and illustrate your problem. This is of course something you cannot do in a tweet or a blog comment.

So if you tweet us a problem and the reply is to post that question in the forum, it is simply to be able to help you better and to allow the information to be seen by others.

If you have private data that you do not want to be seen in forum or cannot be shared publicly, simply send an email to It is perfectly normal that you do not want to publish a script in the forum for everyone to see. Just let us know you do not want to share this with anyone else.

Please do not call us for product support unless instructed to do so. Usually we call you if that is required. We do not have a call center with hundreds of people reading from a script, so we need to make sure that we are only on the phone if it is really necessary.

When you post, call, email or communicate in any other way, please keep these things in mind:

– We cannot see your screen, please describe the problem in as much detail as you can, include screen grabs if you can.

– Avoid generalized sentences like “it does not work”. We do not know what you expected. Use the actual error message you see or describe expected versus actual behavior.

– The people working at SAPIEN have lives, weekends, holidays, children and sometimes they are sleeping. We are in California, so please keep time zone differences and weekdays in mind when you think about when you should get a reply.

– If you call and leave a message, please leave a name and number. Leave the number in a way we can understand it, so we can get back to you.

– Please post in the correct forum. It helps getting you the right answer faster. If you post a PowerShell Studio question in the VBScript section it may take a few days before it gets discovered and moved.


We do everything we can to get you back to your task at hand as fast as possible. So please help us by providing as much information upfront as you can. Include some common information, like what version of our software  you run, what OS you have and especially if you run 32 bit software versus 64 bit software.

Thanks for your help!