PrimalScript 2015 build 7.1.70 adds PowerShell parameter editing and code formatting

With service build 7.1.70 we add some additional PowerShell functionality to PrimalScript 2015. We added a user interface to edit or add parameters for your script and we slightly modified the ribbon “Edit” group to make these new items more accessible.


Aside from editing the parameters of your script we also make the PowerShell function builder / editor more accessible and added the script formatter from PowerShell Studio.


However, as opposed to PowerShell Studio the script formatting in PrimalScript is purely on demand. So unless you select this function the formatting of your script will not change.


A new options page for script formatting was added to enable you to customize some of the code formatting rules.

The tabbed documents PrimalScript uses can now be torn off and moved outside the application or even to another screen. This is very handy if you need another script as a reference on a secondary screen.


To tear off a document, just grab the tab and drag it outside of the application window. To move it back to inside the application, grab the tab again (not the caption of the external window) and drag it back into the tab area.

Last but not least, we made some modifications to the status bar. This service build adds a font size slider which affects the global font size setting and updates all open documents when moved. Since it is sometimes a little hard to move a slider to a certain location, for example on a smaller tablet and without a mouse, we also added a context menu with a reasonable range of sizes. This also makes it easier to return to the default size of 10 if so desired.


You can also double click on the line and column indicator on the status bar to bring up the go to line dialog.

PrimalScript 2015 service build 70 is available right now through the SAPIEN Update Tool or from your SAPIEN accounts page.