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What’s new in iPowerShell Pro?

Build 5.0.133 of iPowerShell Pro has just been released. This build primarily covers iOS 9 compatibility with some bug fixes and performance increases. But we did slip in a very interesting and future oriented feature: the ability to connect to PowerShell remotely via SSH!

In June of 2015, the PowerShell team announced that they were going to embrace SSH connectivity to PowerShell via OpenSSH. This is exciting news for many in the community. Of course, we wanted to get a head start on supporting this ability, but how do we support something that has not yet been released?

As this article states, there are SSH solutions already out there. For this feature, SAPIEN has worked with /n Software to connect to their PowerShell Server product which allows connecting remotely to PowerShell via SSH. Its a great solution that actually works TODAY!

SSH connections to PowerShell in iPowerShell Pro are created the same way PSWA connections are created. A new field has been added to the “Add Server” screen that allows you to select between PSWA and SSH. When you select SSH, the Auto Login and Server fields disappear. The location field prompts for an IP address rather than a URL and the default port prompt changes from 443 to 22.
Adding an SSH connection.

Adding an SSH connection.

SSH servers are clearly differentiated from PSWA servers on the Servers screen by the letters “SSH” instead of “PSWA” on the server icon.
PowerShell SSH and PSWA Servers.

PowerShell SSH and PSWA Servers.

Interacting with a PowerShell session works just as expected. All of the iPowerShell Pro features: Build, History and Scripts also work as you are used to.
Connecting to a PowerShell SSH session using iPowerShell Pro.

Connecting to a PowerShell SSH session using iPowerShell Pro.

All-in-all, it is a seamless and easy way to interact with PowerShell on a server. Try it out!

/n Software offers a free single connection license for their PowerShell Server product.

We will keep out ears open for when OpensSSH comes to PowerShell and make sure that everything works there as well.
P.S. Since this is a basically SSH, it actually works for any kind of SSH connection. Give it a try!

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