PowerShell Studio 2015: Service Release v4.2.94 and Projects with Folders

We released a new service build for PowerShell Studio 2015 (v4.2.94).

Here’s what’s new:

Folder Support in Projects

PowerShell Studio 2015 projects now support folders. The project folders reflect the folder structure of the project files. Therefore if you previously organized your project files in folders within the project’s directory, those folders will automatically be displayed in the Project Panel once the project is loaded.


Using folders within projects makes it easier to organize projects with large amounts of files.

With the new folder feature, you can now place your module help files in respective language specific folders:


Important: Once PowerShell Studio updates the project file, you will no longer be able to open the project using older builds of PowerShell Studio. A backup of the project will be created before updating.

Adding Folders

You can add folders by press the “New Folder” button in the Project Panel:

Add a new folder using the Project Panel's menu.

Or you can add a new folder using the Project Panel’s context menu:

Use the context menu to create folders and files.

The new folder will be created under the selected folder:

Create nested folders.

Renaming Folders

You can rename the folder by clicking twice on the node in the project panel or using the Rename command in the context menu:

Rename the folder in the

Alternatively you can use the Property Panel to rename the folder:

Set folder name in Properties Panel.

Moving Files and Folders

You can move files and folders simply by dragging and dropping them within the Project panel:

Drag File Drop in the desired folder. The file is now moved to the new location.

Important: To rename or move files you must use the Project Panel instead of Windows File Explorer, otherwise the project’s references will point to incorrect paths.


Designer Updates

We added new commands to the designer:


Equalize Vertical Space – Makes the vertical distances between the selected controls equal.

Before After

Equalize Horizontal Space – Makes the horizontal distances between the selected controls equal.




We added a new Properties command to the designer context menu:

Properties command in designer context menu.

The Properties command will display the control in the Properties Panel and if closed, displays the panel.


We surfaced the AllowDrop property of the GUI controls in the Properties Panel:


You need to set this property to True if you want to allow your controls to accept Drag and Drop requests.

Note: AllowDrop requires the script to run in STA mode.


New Control Set

We added a new control set “ComboBox – Countries” which inserts a combo box populated with a list of countries.



Activation Issue Resolved

This service build resolves an activating issue caused by specific characters in user password.

Please refer to the following article for more details: