PowerShell Studio 2015: Service Release v4.2.92

We released a new service release for PowerShell Studio 2015 (v4.2.92).

Here’s what’s new:

Memory Improvements

In this build we improved PowerShell Studio’s file memory usage. Larger files should now load faster and use up less memory than in previous builds of the product.


Rename Controls:

We added a “Rename” command to the GUI designer’s context menu:

Designer context menu

When clicked, the command will take you directly to the name property in the Properties Panel:

Editing Name property

Then you simply begin typing in the new name for the control, without any unnecessary mouse clicks.


Refresh Help:

We added a “Refresh Help” command to the PowerShell Panel’s context menu:

PowerShell Panel Refresh Help

This command will update the cache help for the selected module.

Refreshing help message

The generated help is shared between the SAPIEN Document Explorer and PrimalScript 2015.

If help is coming up blank for a particular module, this command can build the necessary cache files so that it will appear when editing your scripts.

Help for custom modules


Execute Selection in Debug Console

We renamed the editor context menu command “Run Selection in Debug Console” to “Execute Selection in Debug Console”. The new name reflects the functional differences between the “Run Selection” and “Execute Selection in Debug Console”.

The default behavior for the “Run Selection” commands is to run the current line if there is no selection made. This is no longer the case for “Execute Selection in Debug Console” command. Instead it will behave like the “Add To Watch” command where if you use the “Add To Watch” command on a property or method of a variable, it will automatically include the whole statement.

Execute Debug Console on a member of a variable

In the case where you have a selection, it will instead run the selection.  


Please continue providing your feedback. Many of the new features included in the service builds are suggestions from users like you. Therefore if you have any suggestions or feature requests, please share them with us on our Wish List and Feature Requests forum.