PowerShell Studio 2015: Service Release with PowerShell V5 Support

We are happy to announce the release of the latest service build of PowerShell Studio 2015 (v4.2.89). You will find that this service build is pack with new features and enhancements. We listened to your feedback and strived to improve your user experience and productivity. We also made improvements to PowerShell Studio’s memory usage and performance.

Note: This build of PowerShell Studio 2015 requires the .NET 4.5 runtime.

PowerShell V5 Support!

The major addition in this service build is official support for Windows PowerShell V5.


Classes and Enumerators

PowerShell V5 adds support for classes and enumerators and PowerShell Studio will now display them in the Functions Panel:

Function Explorer and Classes


We cleaned up some outdated snippets and added new ones (including PowerShell V5 specific ones).


Detect New Versions of Windows PowerShell

PowerShell Studio now detects when new versions of Windows PowerShell are installed. You no longer have to manually run the RegisterControls.exe or rebuild the cache. PowerShell Studio will automatically register the necessary controls and update the cache for you.


Deferred File Loading

PowerShell Studio now loads files on demand. Deferred loading improves overall performance when loading large groups of files while reducing memory consumption and load times.


You can disable this feature by un-checking Options->General->Enable deferred file loading.


Editor Improvements and Additions

We added several new options and features to PowerShell Studio’s editor.

Command Parameter Completion

You will notice a new popup window show up when typing a space after a command:


This popup window will display and allow you to cycle through the command’s parameter sets. You can auto-insert the parameters by pressing [TAB] while the parameter set popup is visible.


Press [TAB] to cycle through the parameter fields.

You can choose to only insert the mandatory parameters by pressing [TAB + Shift].


You can enable or disable the parameter set popup in Options->Editor: Show parameter set info after command.


To display the parameter set information press [CTRL + Shift + Space] while the caret is on or immediately after the command.


Auto-complete closing quotes, parenthesis, braces and more

We added new options to auto-complete the following characters while you type:

  • Quotes (single and double)
  • Parentheses
  • Square brackets
  • Curly braces

You can enable or disable these auto-complete features in Options->Editor.

Wrap Commands

We added the following commands which let you quickly wrap the selected text in quotes or braces:

Keyboard Shortcut Wrap Selection In
Ctrl + Shift + 9 ( )
Ctrl + [ [ ]
Ctrl + Shift + [ { }
Ctrl + ‘ ‘ ‘
Ctrl + Shift + ‘ ” “


Use the wrap commands when working with existing code. It makes it easy to place an existing block of code within curly braces { }.


Toggle String Quotes

You can now toggle a string’s quotes between single and double by pressing [Ctrl + Alt + ‘].


New Parameter Dialog

We overhauled the parameters dialog that appears when running a script with parameters. This new parameter dialog will help simplify passing parameters to a script while running or debugging a script.


When you first run a script, the parameter dialog will automatically display the script file’s default parameter set for you.

Press [TAB] to cycle through the parameter fields.


If you wish to change the input parameters you can use combo box on the top to select from the script file’s different parameter sets and previously submitted parameters.


Use the UP and DOWN keys to cycle through the parameter sets and history while typing in the edit box.

File Groups

File groups allow you to open a group of file without creating a project. File groups (.filegroup) are now added to recently used file list when opened. In addition, the order of the files is now preserved when creating a new file group.


New Options for existing features

We added the following options to so you can further customize your PowerShell Studio scripting environment:

  • Enable/disable output panel auto-displaying (Options->Panels).
  • Show command aliases in PrimalSense list (Options->Editor).
  • Show parameter aliases in PrimalSense list (Options->Editor).
  • Enable/disable PrimalSense word completion while typing (Options->Editor).

Many of the new features included in the service builds are suggestions from users like you. Therefore if you have any suggestions or feature requests, please share them with us on our Wish List and Feature Requests forum.