Updated Guide to SAPIEN Software Activation

With our latest application releases, deactivating your license has never been easier. Per our company EULA, each single-user license is entitled to a maximum of two devices to be activated and operating at any given time. You may deactivate your devices to free up your activations at your own leisure, but there are also certain circumstances where proper deactivation is crucial in order to prevent the loss of your allotted two activations. Please take note: Uninstalling the software from your device does NOT deactivate the license.

So let’s address a few frequently asked questions:

How do I deactivate my license from the machine?

Open your product. In the top right corner you will see the following gold-like certificate:

License Deactivation2

Once you have clicked on this, the following License Information box will appear:

Deactivate License

This will display your SAPIEN ID and subscription number. Click Deactivate license.

When do I need to use this deactivation method?

Prior to any device upgrades and/or prior to re-imaging and renaming your hard drive. We also recommend deactivating prior to performing any maintenance that could result in a hardware crash.

How will I know if both of my activations are currently taken?

You can now check your activation count directly on your Registered Products Page.



This may also say:

· 0 available activation(s) of 2 allowed
· 2 available activation(s) of 2 allowed

Also, a sure giveaway that both of your activations are currently in use is if you attempt to activate a new device and receive the following error message:


What happens if my computer crashes and I am unable to deactivate my activation?

If you haven’t had an active subscription for 6 months or you have experienced more than one hard drive crash within the same year, you will need to send your subscription number and a description of what occurred to sales@sapien.com.

If you have had an active subscription for 6 or more months, you can perform a total reset of your activations directly from your Registered Products Page. This option will be available once a year and both activations must be in use in order to take advantage of this manual reset.

Upon navigating to your Registered Products Page, click on “Activation Details”.


Once you have clicked on this option, you will see something very similar to the following:


  • Activation Date
    • The latest date each unique machine was activate
  • Count
    • How many times the specific device has been activated
  • State
    • Whether or not the current device is still activated, or has been deactivated

Underneath this information box, you will see one of four messages.

  • If your subscription has not been active for at least six months, you will not have the option to reset your activations. Instead, you will see the following message, followed by the specific date that the Reset All Activations option will become available:


  • If you are currently only using 1 of the allotted 2 activations, you will not have the option to reset at this time. Proceed with using the second of your two available activations:


  • If both of your activations are currently in use and you received the error message that you have reached your activation limit, you will have the option to “Reset All Activations”. Remember, this reset is only available once a year, so please always follow proper deactivation instructions as the first option.


  • If you have already used your “Reset All Activation” option within the past year, you will see the following message referencing the date that your next reset will become available:



I unregistered my license on your web site and am still receiving the error message that states I have reached my activation limit.

The unregister feature on the account page on our site allows you to transfer the license to another person. It does not remove any license data from your computers.

The computers I need to install your software on are not connected to the internet. How can I activate them?

Navigate to your SAPIEN account page (http://www.sapien.com/account/products) and click on “Click to request an offline key”

Register Products Box2

After reviewing the submitted information you may be granted the ability to generate an offline activation key. Generally this option is reserved for long time customers, larger corporations and government agencies with a proven license management infrastructure in place. If we determine that offline license keys are used to install our software on more than the allowed two machines per license, your license may be revoked.

Still have questions? We would be happy to address them, just send us an email directly to sales@sapien.com.