PowerShell Studio 2015 – Updated Control Sets

In the v4.2.85 service release of PowerShell Studio 2015, we updated a few of the predefined control sets.


Updated Control Sets:

  • Button – Run Process now includes the Process Tracker framework, so you no longer have to include the Form – Process Tracker control set.
  • Button – Start Job now includes the Job Tracker framework, so you no longer have to include the Form – Job Tracker control set.
  • All the Form control sets have been modified so that they will not produce redundant event blocks when inserted multiple times.


New Append Option

The Form controls sets assign events on the form itself and if that particular form event is already assigned, PowerShell Studio will present you with the following dialog:

Replace event dialog

You can select from the following options:

  • Leave – Leaves the event assignment as is.
  • Replace – Replaces the existing assignment in the designer with the control set’s new event block.
  • Append – Leaves the event assignment as is, but also assigns the control set’s event block via the script editor. This allows the control to assign more than one script block to the event.

When you select the new Append option, the form’s event is assigned below the new event script block:

append event

Now you can use multiple controls sets that share the same events without them interfering with one another.


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