SAPIEN Update service bulletin

Recently we introduced a new SAPIEN software update tool, which makes it easier to directly download and install SAPIEN software updates.


The tool also updates itself when there is a newer version of the update tool. Unfortunately on some machines that may have caused that process to get stuck, because the file may now be owned be an elevated admin and can no longer be overwritten without elevation.

So if you have not seen any new updates to our software recently, you may have to launch the update tool manually with elevation. You only have to do this once, do not worry. The update tool has already been changed to address this situation.

So go to this folder: C:\Program Files\SAPIEN Technologies, Inc\SAPIEN Updates

and right click on “SAPIEN Updates.exe”  and select “Run as administrator”


If you have a multiuser installation and you need to address this issue remotely for all affected users, simply delete this file on all machines with SAPIEN Software:


It does not matter if you delete this file on a machine that has already been fixed manually; the tools will simply download a new file the next time it runs.