PowerShell Studio 2015 – New Collection Project deployment options

With release of the v4.2.83 build of PowerShell Studio 2015, we introduced new features that we are covering in detail over a series of articles.

PowerShell Studio 2014 introduced the new Collection Project:


The Collection Project simply groups various files without creating a single script as in a normal project and each script file runs individually.

With this release, new options were added to the Collection Project in order to accommodate your deployment needs by controlling the behavior of the Packager, MSI, and Deployment as a whole or as individual files.

Collection ProjectOK

Two new project properties were added:


Deploy As

This determines the deployment behavior of the Project as a whole. There are two Deploy As options to choose from:

File Tells the project to handle each file individually when it comes to deployment. Each project file will maintain its own independent settings.When to use:
Use this settings when you are using the Collection Project to group individual files that don’t necessary interact with each other. With this setting you can package and deploy (publish) each script independently.
Project Tell the project to handle the deployment of all the files as a whole. You must define a primary file for the purposes of the Packager and MSI builder.When to use:
Use this setting when you have a group of files that interact and have a start / entry point script. For example, if you have a primary script that dot sources various secondary scripts. In this case, the primary script will get converted into an executable and you can create an installer that includes the primary packaged script and all the supporting files / scripts. The project files are also deployed (published) as a whole.


Primary File

This property tells the project, which file is the primary file when Deploy As is set to Project. The primary file will be the file that is packaged into an executable. All other files will be considered external “Content”.


Previously the deployment options were unavailable in the Collection Project unless you opened the files independent of the project. These new deployment settings now allow the Collection Project to fit your deployment needs.