What’s new for PrimalPad 2015?

PrimalPad has been a favorite “keep on your flash drive” tool for many users. The 2015 version has seen some little cosmetic changes in the ribbon layout.


We have moved some functionality like window management, SAPIEN Tools and check for updates to the “Tools” tab to make more room for user tools on the home tab.

You may also notice that there are some additional options in the “View” panel for viewing whitespace characters and expanding or collapsing regions and code elements.
The code folding support in general is much improved over previous versions, due to a new generation of editing engine.

Since the 2014 version PrimalPad has an installer and requires unlocking with the Productivity pack license key. The installer was necessary because some organizations only allow software with a proper installer to be used in their systems. This of course make it a bit more cumbersome to use PrimalPad on a flash drive.


To help with  that we added a function in the backstage menu to copy a licensed version of PrimalPad to a removable drive. If you have unlocked your license on your hard drive this will produce a licensed copy on a USB drive. This licensed copy is branded with your license key, so you no longer have to unlock it on every machine first. Just go and use it.