New SAPIEN Update tool integrated into all 2015 products

SAPIEN Updates

With the release of the latest versions of the 2015 SAPIEN products we also integrated a new update tool. This new version will check for updates on all licensed and unexpired trial version of our products. It can download and install the updated versions without you going to your accounts page. If you need to roll out updates to multiple machines, you can use the “Download only” button to get the checked updates downloaded to your Windows downloads folder. You can then manually install the updates as needed.

The new update tool also shows a brief synopsis of what was changed, added or fixed in the last few builds of any product. All products, including items in the SAPIEN Productivity Pack will install this update tool if it is not installed yet.

It is very important to note that our update tool will not run on Windows startup or continuously in the system tray. To minimize the impact on your system, this tool will be launched by our products as configured and only run when needed. Some products, like PrimalScript or PowerShell Studio allow you to chose the frequency of update checks, others, like PrimalPad, the PowerShell Profile Editor or PowerShell Help will check once a month.

Naturally this update tool requires a functioning internet connection and unimpeded access through your firewall, so if you live behind a custom corporate firewall, you may need to make some arrangements.

As we transition from the old updater to this new version, any old build may not show that there is an update available. So please make sure you check once manually yourself if there is a new version of any of your products.