Give us your real email address

We’re all justifiably nervous about privacy, both online and offline. We’re also trained to avoid advertising mailing lists, lest they fill our inbox with today’s latest sale on something we didn’t want in the first place. To dodge the ads, we often provide phony personal data, including phony email addresses, or email addresses to accounts that we never check.



But, when you buy  professional software tools, especially those with a service or subscription model, it’s critical to provide accurate contact information. This allows us to remind you when your service contract or subscription is due to expire and to provide you with deep discounts for renewing early.

If we don’t have accurate contact info, we can’t remind you. We can’t give you a discount. We can’t help you, because we can’t find you.

It’s really all about trust. If you give us your real email address, we’ll email you ONLY when you need to renew. You can safely unsubscribe from all SAPIEN email, but be sure to add to safe sites, so the mail doesn’t go to spam.

If you’re getting close to (within 3 months of) your renewal date, sign up for special offers, or just watch for them on our blog. To change your SAPIEN email preferences, log into your account and click the “Click here to update your mailing list profile” link.


When you buy a SAPIEN software product, in addition to a license to use your purchased product in perpetuity, you get one free year of an annual subscription to all product updates, including major releases. If you renew your subscription, you continue to get free updates for another year. If you don’t renew your subscription, you are still entitled to your licensed product plus all updates in your subscription year.

To make that subscription valuable, we continually update our products, improving performance, fixing problems, and adding features, including the features our customers request. For example, PowerShell Studio 2014 subscribers got the new function builder (Insert new function/Edit function) feature that manages all function syntax for you.

It’s also really important to keep your product updated, because old versions are eventually deprecated. And, you don’t want to be the last person up on Stack Overflow trying to find a workaround for a problem that was fixed many versions ago.

If you don’t remember the email address that you gave us, check it. To view and edit your SAPIEN contact info, go to and log in. If the email address is outdated or just odd, give us the one that you really check. If you have any questions, post them on the SAPIEN forums or send them to

So, do your best to dodge the advertisers, but when you sign up with the people who make your tools, be real.