The 2015s Have Arrived!


We are excited to announce that the 2015 versions of all of our software applications have arrived and are now available free of charge to all active 2014 subscription holders.  Many of you will see that your submitted requests have been implemented in these new versions, so we hope that you enjoy all of the new features that are offered.  If you have an active 2014 subscription, please navigate to your SAPIEN Accounts/Registered Products page, and you will see the download links listed under your Registered Software Subscriptions.

If you do not have an active 2014 subscription, head over to our online store and get your new 2015 subscription now!  With this purchase under our Subscription Model, you will receive all major builds and product releases free of charge for the first year.  At the end of the year, the choice is yours to renew or not.  If you opt out of renewing, you can continue to use the application at the last product build that was released prior to expiration indefinitely, with no further maintenance offered.  Please note that, with the release of our 2015 versions, all direct discounted upgrade paths have now expired for products 2012 and older.

If you are a bit skeptical of upgrading right away, you are more than welcome to download the 45-day-fully-functional trials from our website and run them side-by-side with your current versions.  As soon as you are comfortable with the new features, upgrade your product and send that old version into retirement!

Keep an eye out for blog posts; these will provide you with valuable information as well as tricks and techniques about our new 2015 versions.  If you have a specific question that isn’t being answered in our blog postings, feel free to head over to our Support Forum.  Search for your question; if you don’t find it, post a new query under the correct product forum and our support staff will respond as soon as possible.

If you have any questions about sales/licensing, or are not sure if you are entitled to a free upgrade, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly at

Please continue to offer us your feedback.  We are always striving to improve the functionality of our products, and appreciate the requests that come in.