The Fourth Edition of Windows PowerShell: TFM Now Available on Amazon



As of November 5th, 2014, SAPIEN’s newest edition of Windows PowerShell: TFM is available for purchase on  Whether you are located in the United States or Internationally, the ability to purchase the book is now here!  The 4th Edition of Windows PowerShell: TFM contains 22 chapters in the learning guide, as well as 16 additional “in depth” sections relating to topics administrators may face in their everyday lives. 

Please proceed to the following Amazon link to purchase the newest addition to your Windows PowerShell TFM: library:

We are looking forward to hearing your reviews.  If you happen to spot any technical errors, believe that there are certain topics that were not covered or topics that just weren’t covered deeply enough, please let us know!  You can submit an “Errata Report” at  We appreciate all of the feedback that you have to offer us.

Please note that the book will no longer be available to order directly through the SAPIEN Store.  If you have any questions or concerns, please e-mail for further assistance.