Accessing VersionRecall repositories from another computer

Whether you are getting a new computer or another person joins your team, getting everything set up in a new environment can be a time consuming task. VersionRecall 2014 can help to make this easier. If you have your scripts and related files connected to a VersionRecall repository, you can very easily transfer those files to another machine.


Simply select the new “Import repository…” function in VersionRecall 2014 (1.0.107 or later) and navigate to your remote repository.


Select the .recall file with the settings you would like to use. The files stored in the repository have the machine and user name of the original location added to their name. So it is very easy to determine which settings you want to use. Please remember that each user can have their own settings and schedules, so make sure you select the correct one.

Important: If you do not see any .recall files in you repository, you must open this repository at least once with the latest build from your old computer. This will make sure your settings are backed up to the repository.

And that is all you need to do. The folders you had on the original computer will be recreated on your current computer and the latest versions of all files will automatically be restored.


Even if your environment is a huge folder structure with tens of thousands of files in 3500 folders like mine, it only takes a few minutes to get everything setup the same way you had it before. And it also is automatically connected to the same repository, so any changes you make easily can be transferred back and forth.

Note that the service settings are not transferred this way. If you want the VersionRecall service to maintain and watch this new local folder, don’t forget to add it to the service profile.

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