WMI Explorer 2014 Service build 2.0.47

Our WMI Explorer 2014 gets a minor update with build 2.0.47. The new Server dialog lets you edit settings after the fact, for example when the password changes.



You may notice the new “Root” field in the settings dialog, which is now also present in the initial dialog when connecting to a new computer.


If you are only interested in a particular  namespace on a server or, even more important, if you only have permissions to a specific namespace and have no access to ‘root’ then this is what you need.
All namespaces specifications have to start with ‘\root’, so connecting to CIMV2 would require you put ‘\root\CIMV2’ into that field.  Without the quotes of course.

Last but not least, the custom query feature now has a memory. Any custom query you create is stored per class, so your last query for “Win32_Process” will come up when you have that class selected.


These items are mostly bug fixes to correct some omissions we made. The real updates in the next few versions will be centered on building and testing queries. So please proceed to our wish list forum or the WMI Explorer section in our forum and let us know if there is anything specific that you need.