PowerShell Studio 2014: Refactoring and Other Updates

In the last PowerShell Studio article, we spoke about the updates to the Function Builder in the v4.1.72 service build. Now we will discuss the other updates in the v4.1.72 build.


Improved Rename Refactoring

– We greatly improved the Refactoring speed when renaming variables and parameters.

– Refactoring now takes splatting into account when renaming function parameters and variables.

Rename Refactoring and Splatting

– Refactoring now takes Set-Variable and Clear-Variable cmdlets into account.

Rename Set-Variable

Improved Reference Highlighting

To match the rename refactoring, our Reference Highlighting also takes into account the different ways variables and parameters are references:

Reference Highlighting

You can trigger Reference Highlighting by double clicking on any object in the editor.


Block Comment Ribbon Button

We added a Block Comment button to the Ribbon:

Block Comment

Before you could only access the block comment using the following keyboard shortcut: (Ctrl + Shift + Alt + Q)

When you select text, it will place a block comment around the selection:

Block Comment Selection

If there is no selection it will simply insert an empty block comment:

Block Comment no Selection


Other Updates

– The Enhanced Console Input will now try to determine the console’s current path in order to display the correct relative path when using the PrimalSense.

– You can now expand parameter aliases for functions using the context menu.

Expand All Aliases command now expands parameter aliases and partial parameter names.

– Corrected Expand All Aliases and Convert all Cmdlets to Aliases keyboard shortcuts.

Expand All Aliases Ctrl + Shift + A
Convert all Cmdlets to Aliases Ctrl + Shift + Alt + A