PowerShell Studio 2014: More Function Builder Updates

Yes, we updated the Function Builder yet again! We just released a new build of PowerShell Studio 2014 (v4.1.72). We wanted to highlight some changes and additions:


Function Validation

The Function Builder will now validate your function names by checking if it already exists in your script, thus preventing duplicate functions.

Function Exits


Create Functions from selection

If you select a section of script when inserting a new function, the Function Builder will use the selected text as the body of the function. In addition, the function builder will pick potential parameters and present you with the following dialog:

Convert Variables to Parameters

In this dialog you can select the variables you wish to convert into parameters.


Parameter Name Refactoring

If you rename a parameter in the Function Builder, PowerShell Studio will now update the parameter references within your script:

Parameter Refactoring


Next we will cover some other changes and additions to PowerShell Studio 2014.