Customizing the Console

Even though I’ve been writing scripts for years, I find that I work in the Console Pane in PowerShell Studio 2014 almost as much as I work in the Editor Pane.

I use the Console Pane to look up commands and syntax (Get-Command), test a parameter value, or work through the details of a pipeline or a formatting technique before I add it to a script. And, there are many things I do interactively.

So, I’m pretty picky about the way my console looks and operates. When I set up PowerShell Studio 2014 on a new machine, one of the first things I do is increase the font size.

To change the font style and size of the Console Pane in PowerShell Studio 2014:

  1. On the Home tab, in the Windows section (far right), click Options. (The Windows section might be compressed on smaller screens, such as tablets.)


  2. In the Options window, click Console.


  3. On the Console options page, you can change the family, size, and style of the text in the Console Pane.
  4. To make your changes effective, click anywhere outside of the Options window, such as in the Project Pane or Object Browser. Your changes are saved automatically.
    Interestingly, clicking inside the Console Pane doesn’t work because the Console runs in a different Windows process, but clicking the Console Pane title bar works. All of the other panes will do the trick, too.


I adjust font size pretty often, such as when I’m sharing a screen with a colleague or setting up a class display. To make the console options more accessible, I’ve added the Options window to the Quick Access toolbar above the ribbon.




Like automation, customization makes me more productive. And, anything that saves time in a hectic day is a treasure.

June Blender is a technology evangelist at SAPIEN Technologies, Inc. You can reach her at or follow her on Twitter at @juneb_get_help.