PowerShell Studio 2014: UI Changes

In the latest build of PowerShell Studio 2014 (v4.1.71) we made some UI changes to the Ribbon. Particularly the Home tab of the Ribbon:


The most notable change is to the Run group. We changed the run and debug icons and rearranged the menu buttons:


We separated out the remoting commands into their own menu:



And we added two new options to the Run menu:


You can now access the run selection commands directly from the ribbon.


We also updated the Edit group of the Home tab and added a functions menu:


The new menu contains the following options:

Insert New Function – Opens the Function Builder so that you can create a new function.

Edit Function – Allows you to edit functions using the Function Builder. We will discuss this new feature in the next article.


The Designer tab also had a slight makeover:


The designer commands are now separated into their own groups and we changed a few buttons sizes.

Hopefully these UI changes will make some of the commands more discoverable and easier to access.