ScriptMerge 2014 updated

ScriptMerge 2014 has been updated with the recent service releases of PrimalScript 2014, PowerShell Studio 2014 and VersionRecall 2014.


Comparing the same files over and over again? You can use the new file groups function to open these compares quickly. Simply create a text file with your file pairs listed line by line:

File1|File2 separated by the pipe symbol (|).


C:\Users\Alex\Documents\SAPIEN\Scripts\Hello World.ps1|C:\Users\Alex\Documents\Scripts\Hello World.ps1

Save the file as <yourname>.smgrp  (smgrp stands for ScriptMerge Group).


All you have to do now is to double click on that file and ScriptMerge will open the contained pairs.

You can also use the backstage menu and select “Compare group…”


The open comparisons now also have a context menu as most other SAPIEN software products do:



Aside from the usual “Close”, “Close All”, “Close all but current” functionality, this menu also allows you to split your tab groups horizontally or vertically. This is most helpful if you have a folder comparison open and a number of files compared as well. Move the folder comparison into its own group so it remains visible while you compare the files in these folders. If you have used tab groups in PrimalScript you will know how to use this right away.

Specific to ScriptMerge is the ability to compare the two underlying folders of a file compare. You can also just select “Open containing folders” which will open two Windows Explorer instances with the compared files selected.

Last but not least, if you now compare two files, ScriptMerge will right away jump to the first difference.

As always, if you have any suggestions for improvement, please let us know in our forum (