NOW AVAILABLE: SAPIEN Productivity Pack!


The SAPIEN Productivity Pack has arrived!

This new collection of software utilities is an ever growing assemblage of useful tools for system administrators, developers and DevOps. Whether you are working with PowerShell, VBScript, Jscript, C++, C#, SQL or HTML, and no matter if you are on a 32-bit or 64-bit platform, our Productivity Pack tools work for you.

ATTENTION CURRENT CUSTOMERS! We have some great news. If you have an active subscription, this tool will come completely FREE to you! All you need to do is install the software, and proceed to your SAPIEN account page where you can claim your Productivity Pack license key.

If you do not have an active subscription, or you are not currently a SAPIEN customer, don’t worry, we have an option for you too! You can take advantage of the 45 day trial period, and if you wish to continue using these tools beyond that time frame, you can purchase a Productivity Pack license here in our store:

I’m sure you are all wondering, but what exactly will it offer?
So here’s a quick look into the four tools:


PowerRegEx 2014

PowerRegEx 2014 is the tool that makes regular expression creation and discoverability easier, by grouping regular expression constructs by category, providing construct descriptions and examples.

Test your regular expresses against an existing file or ad-hoc text with real time results. PowerRegEx features the option to export the expression’s matches, or non-matching lines to a text file.

Do you work with PowerShell? PowerRegEx allows you to export your expression for PowerShell use.

This single version of PowerRegEx works on both 32- and 64-bit machines.


PowerShell Help 2014

Get help for PowerShell the way it is meant to be.

The built-in help command in the PowerShell console is helpful if you need just some quick look up, but for browsing and reading, the console just isn’t good enough.

Our PowerShell help tool allows importing any PowerShell xml help file or about file and puts all this combined information on your desktop, notebook or tablet.

Browse, learn and evaluate server side PowerShell modules on your tablet from anywhere—the module does not have to be installed on your computer to get to the help information.


PowerShell Profile Editor 2014

PowerShell’s profiles make setting up your work environment a bit easier, allowing you to pre-load your most common snap-ins or modules, define functions, set variables and whatever else you need on startup.

However, since there are quite a number of profiles, potentially one for each host, one for all users, one for each user, one for all users and all hosts, the number of files can get a bit out of hand. If you consider that some of these are also duplicated for 32- and 64-bit and you happen to run on a 64-bit OS, you’ll see that number of files getting even larger.

PowerShell Profile Editor is a dedicated tool for managing and editing your PowerShell profiles.


PrimalPad 2014

System Administrators are a busy lot and some of them run around all day fighting fires on computers not connected to anything. Others use remote access to tend to a large number of servers. Some do both.

Thanks to scripting, most repetitive tasks are easily taken care of. Sometimes you need to double check a script at some location or modify something you have to fit the task at hand. Since you are on the road, literally or virtually, you may not have PrimalScript or PowerShell Studio with you. Maybe you are not supposed to install anything on that particular computer. That is when you usually revert to notepad. Not anymore.

Meet PrimalPad, the single file, color coding editor for VBScript, JScript, HTML, C++, C#, SQL and PowerShell. No installation required. It has no dependencies. Just keep it on your flash drive and run it wherever you need it.



If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Sales/Licensing for the Productivity Pack, please e-mail Thank you, we look forward to hearing your reviews!