Easier access to license information

With the next service builds for all SAPIEN software products you will notice a new icon in the upper right corner of the ribbon:


Clicking on the new icon will show you a new license dialog that is also available when the software is already activated.


The new dialog allows you to unlock the software without restarting and using the trial dialog. It also shows you your license key or subscription number if activated.

You can now easily look up how much longer your subscription will be active and deactivate the license on the current computer if you want to move to another machine.

Last but not least, because this has been a concern for many of you, activating an installation on a computer the software was previously already activated on will no longer count towards your available activations.

So if you re-image your machine, reset to an earlier restore point or something like that you should be fine. Please note that the computer name and additional hardware data are used to determine if this computer had already been activated. So if you change your computer name or moved your drive to another computer you will still have to activate as before.