Quick Guide to SAPIEN Software Activation

The 2014 versions of all SAPIEN Software products are limited to two (2) activations. As per our EULA this limitation to two installations has existed for quite some time.
All 2014 or later SAPIEN software will use online activation to verify the availability of additional activations.

Naturally this raises some questions, the most common of which we will answer below. Please understand that our new online activation is not meant to deter the legitimate use of our products by our customers. It is meant to prevent abuse and license violations which unfortunately exist. If you feel at any time that your legitimate use of our software is unduly restricted please contact us at once. We will do our very best to accommodate any legitimate circumstance that may prohibit you from using our software.

How can I transfer my license to a new computer?

Simply go to the products about box and click “Remove license”. This will remove your license and free up an activation for your new computer.



I have activated my copy on a computer as a local user. After joining a domain, I get prompted to unlock again. Why?

Normally license information is stored on a machine and unlocks automatically, so you don’t get prompted when you log on or elevate as administrator. If you join a domain most likely your machine name may have changed.
Change the machine name back to its previous value and remove the license before joining a domain or changing the computer name.


Can you just remove my activations from my machines so I can start over?

No, we cannot reach out and remove anything from your computer. While we log activations, we do not have any mechanism that allows us to remote control our software or your computer. You need to remove your licenses yourself.


I unregistered my license on your web site. I still don’t get any additional installation.

The unregister feature on the account page on our site allows you to transfer the license to another person. It does not remove any license data from your computers.


What if I need another activation right now because something really horrible happened to my computer just today?

We can give you another activation as a one-time courtesy. Please contact sales@sapien.com and provide the circumstances that require another activation.


I regularly reset my virtual machine where I use your software. I need to activate each time I reset my VM.

Install and unlock our software, then create a snapshot of your virtual machine. Once you reset to that snapshot, our product is already activated and you do not require any additional activations.


The computers I need to install your software on are not connected to the internet. How can I activate them?

Navigate to your SAPIEN account page (http://www.sapien.com/account/products) and click on “Click to request an offline key”


After reviewing the submitted information you may be granted the ability to generate an offline activation key. Generally this option is reserved for long time customers, larger corporations and government agencies with a proven license management infrastructure in place. If we determine that offline license keys are used to install our software on more than the allowed two machines per license, your license may be revoked.


I am a trainer and I really would like to use and show your software in the classroom. How can I let my students try your software?

We have special infrastructure for trainers. Please contact sales@sapien.com with your teaching credentials, links to course material or anything else that allows us to determine that you are teaching classes in a relevant field. We will evaluate your request and provide you with additional information once approved.