From script to server – Deploying solutions with PrimalScript 2014 (Part 4)

Welcome back. As we previously discussed, PrimalScript 2014 has a few new options for the script packager and has added features for creating MSI databases and deploying your script solutions.

If you have missed the previous three installments, use the links below to catch up.

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Today we are putting this all together and show you how to use this efficiently in your day-to-day operations.



Head over to the Deploy tab and apply all the settings you need. These setting will be stored per script in a .psbuild file.
Don’t delete these files or your settings will be lost. Normally you don’t need to worry about these files, but we will revisit them for an automated build and deploy scenario.

Package, build installers and deploy

While you are editing your scripts you don’t want to deviate too often from the “Home” tab. Maybe you have the ribbon hidden most of the time anyway. That is why we added some of the “Deploy” tab functionality to the “Home” tab.

You can package, build installers and deploy with your current settings right here. Additional commands are available in the dropdown menus for these new buttons.


The old hotkey for just creating an executable package is still here: Ctrl+F7.

We have also added some more hotkeys for you for the main build commands:
Shift + F7: Create installer
Ctrl+Shift + F7: Deploy
F7: Build all

”Build all” will execute every single step in sequence. It will create an executable, pack it with your other files into a Windows Installer database (MSI) and copy it to your target destination. Along that process it will also execute any other pre- and post-package commands you have defined and it will also execute any deployment commands.

So if you have a change to your most important script solutions, make the change to your script, hit F7 and watch PrimalScript do all the work for you.


With one keystroke your updated script was packaged, wrapped into an installer and deployed to your network.

The automated build tool

Sometimes you don’t want to roll out things one thing at a time. Most likely you have some kind of process to roll out your business processes. Quite frequently you will do that based on a scheduled task, because it is not always only about copying a few files here or there. Our PSBuild tools allow you to incorporate our packaging, installer and deployment steps into your process.


This is where the aforementioned .psbuild files come back into play.Run ‘PSBuild /BUILD myscript.ps1.psbuild’ to do all the things you just pushed the “Build all” for, just from the command line and integrated into your process. You can use the other options (/PACKAGE, /MSI, /DEPLOY) to perform the individual steps if you need to.


Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Head on over to our support forum and and let’s hear it.