From script to server – Deploying solutions with PrimalScript 2014 (Part 3)

The last time we looked at the new installer option in PrimalScript 2014. You can find the article here:

If you look at the deploy tab again, you will see a “Deployment” group. These functions will help you distribute your solutions to your target audience.



First lets look at the settings. There are two items that are mandatory.


You need to have at least one file that gets deployed. If you look at the combobox, there are three items in it:


Depending on what else you have defined for your solution, the initial file to deploy can either be the associated script file, the packaged executable you created or the installer containing these items. The first time you bring this dialog up PrimalScript will select what seems most appropriate automatically based on your other settings.

Adding additional files is just as easy as it is for the installer part, simply drag and drop the file here from Windows Explorer. Make sure they will be accessible when you choose to deploy.

The destination of course is a required field. Without it PrimalScript won’t know where to copy things to. Pick a folder. Any folder.

For the additional deployment commands you can add any command line tools you like or need. If, for example you need to also ftp your MSI file somewhere, this would be the place to specify that command. These commands are executed in sequence, one at a time, so make sure you have no blocking tools in there which will potentially sit all night with a dialog up, waiting for your response.

Next time I will show you how to tie this all together and how to build your solutions for testing, unattended or scheduled. So stay tuned.