Building PowerShell GUI Solutions

The second leg of SAPIEN’s Building PowerShell GUI Solutions world tour is complete. This trip took us to Dallas, Raleigh and to New York City for the NY Techstavaganza. We had a great time showing PowerShell users how to create great GUI interfaces for their PowerShell scripts, and how to use PowerShell Studio 2014 to create a complete cradle to grave development workflow.


Raleigh, NC



NY Techstravaganza


We continue to add cities to our tour and are looking for more user groups to speak at. In April, we will be presenting in Nashville, Cincinnati and at the PowerShell Summit in Washington State. We still have some bandwidth available the week of April 14, so let us know if you would like us to present to your group. It WAY better than sitting home and doing your taxes!

Of course, if you need to plan further ahead, please contact to schedule a speaking engagement. We are excited to share this technology with everyone, so plan to have us speak at your next PowerShell group meeting!