Starting with the 2014 versions all SAPIEN software sold with subscription

With the release of VersionRecall 2014 SAPIEN Software is now sold as a subscription. Obviously that raises some questions for you, our customers, about how this will be handled. We will answer some of the most common questions here, but feel free to post any other questions you may have in the comments section below or send an email to

  • Why are you moving to a subscription model?
    In the past we have always released maintenance builds which not only included bug fixes, but also new features. The frequency of these updates depended very much on the product, but we always needed to hold some of the bigger new features back so we had a sufficient number of improvements for a new version. With the subscription model we can roll out new features whenever they are ready without having to worry about traditional release cycles. This gets the features you want and need to you sooner.
  • Will I have to renew every year to keep using my software?
    No. You purchase a license just as before and you get a free one year subscription with that purchase. After that you can extend your subscription each year or not. Even if you don’t renew, your software will continue to work. To make this clear, the subscription is not for your license, but for receiving updates. Just like with a magazine subscription where you can still read the issues you have previously received but you don’t receive new ones in the mail after it has expired.
  • What happens if I don’t renew my subscription?
    You will no longer receive service builds. You can download and use the last version and build to which you were entitled before your subscription expired. You will not receive any upgrades, but anything you purchased will be available to you.
  • How long after it has expired can I renew my subscription?
    You can extend your subscription up to 90 days before it expires. You also have a 4-week renewal window after it has expired. Your renewal will always start with the expiration date, so waiting for a few weeks will not get you any extra time. Once you are past  the renewal window you will need to purchase a new license.
  • How much is the cost for renewal each year?
    That depends on the product but in general it is about 50% of the initial license cost. Please contact for any specific pricing questions.
  • In the past I have always skipped one release and updated to the next. Can I still do that?
    Yes, of course. You can let your subscription expire and purchase a new one whenever you think it is warranted. The pricing model will however favor those staying with an active subscription rather than letting it expire. It is also worth noting that version numbers will not necessarily line up with new features. So a 2014 to 2015 version change may have very few features added, but the next 2015 build could have a major update.
  • How does this affect premium support?
    Premium support is still available for all our software products and provides you with direct access to our engineers via our new ticketing system. As Premium Support no longer includes free upgrades (which are included in the subscription) it’s cost has been reduced.
  • I have a 2012 product with Premium support. What happens now?
    Your account will be updated to a 2014 subscription with premium support for whatever duration you have left on your Premium Support. You will be alerted to your upgrade options on your account page as soon as the 2014 version of your software is released.
  • I have just purchased a 2012 product. How can I upgrade?
    That depends on how recent “just” was. Within 60 days of the 2014 release date you will receive a free upgrade and a one year subscription. If the purchase was prior to the 60 day window please see your account page or contact for information.
  • I have just purchased a 2012 product. Do I have to upgrade?
    No. We are very proud of our software and have no doubt that this version will serve you well. You will just not receive any of the new features we have added to the 2014 versions. Whenever you choose to upgrade, we will be here.