2014 Versions Out March 15—Buy Now and Save!


You have used our software and you have given us a lot of good feedback and made a lot of requests. We have taken all of them to heart and are very pleased to announce the 2014 versions of all our software—they include many new features and tweaks that we know you just can’t live without. These will be released on March 15. PLUS, we are introducing a new tool: VersionRecall 2014—the simplest way to manage multiple versions of files on your computer.

PrimalScript 2014 and PowerShell Studio 2014 both gain the ability to create installers for your scripts, modules and associated files; create packaged executables with run restrictions (by user, MAC address, machine name, and more); PowerShell Studio also features the ability to generate comment base help for PowerShell functions while PrimalScript uses restore points to make experimental coding less of an adventure. Last but not least, both PrimalScript and PowerShell Studio are now available in 32 bit as well as 64 bit versions. Come by our site and see all the new features.

We will be switching to a subscription model with this release. Any purchase or upgrade gives you one year of subscription during which time you receive all major and minor releases. After that, you may renew your subscription and continue receiving those updates. If you choose not to, you may continue using the application but will not receive any updates. If you currently have Premium Support, you will receive the free upgrade, and whatever Premium Support time is left will be converted to subscription plus Premium Support.

Here’s a not-so-subtle hint: if you purchase software from us within 60 days of a major release, you are entitled to a free upgrade to that new release. You are *now* within the 60-day free-upgrade window. You’d better hurry up, too, because the prices will go up when the new versions are released!