SAPIEN’s Full PowerShell Video Catalog Now on You Tube

As of December 19, 2013, SAPIEN’s full PowerShell video training catalog has been posted to SAPIEN’s You Tube channel and is available for free viewing. This catalog consists of 39 chapters which cover PowerShell fundamentals, as well as intermediate and advanced topics. That is over 7 full hours of video training for FREE, all in beautiful 720p HD! Below is an example of one of the videos.

These videos were developed and produced by Don Jones, PowerShell MVP and trainer. Although they were produced for PowerShell versions 1 and 2, their content is still valid and usable in more recent versions of PowerShell.

Users of SAPIEN’s iPowerShell Pro version 4 can also view these videos through the new You Tube access in the Videos area of the application.