iPowerShell Pro 4.0 Released into the Wild

Merry Christmas! Here is an early Christmas gift from SAPIEN. Just in time for the holidays, the latest version of iPowerShell Pro (version 4.0) is now available on the App Store. Current owners of iPowerShell Pro will receive this release as a free upgrade. New users can purchase it for $4.99. This release is virtually a complete rewrite and is designed for iOS 7. New to this version is:

  • Totally reworked for iOS 7 compatability.
  • New start screen. Select services from big, colorful buttons.
  • Over 3100 cmdlets documented.
  • PowerShell v4 updated data.
  • Dynamic type sizing controlled by settings app throughout application.
  • About_Help files displayed exactly like cmdlets with Dynamic Type.
  • Added “Pull to Refresh” to several lists.
  • Cmdlets and Providers display module name below cmdlet.
  • Cmdlets can be grouped alphabetically by verb or noun, or by module.
  • Module name now searchable and alphabetically indexed.
  • Search bars are now locked to top of lists.
  • Added Prev and Next buttons to cmdlet screens for easier navigation through cmdlets, etc..
  • Use Single Tap with one finger to bring up toolbars in Servers rather than previous Double Tap with one finger.
  • Pipeline Builder now optionally displays cmdlet descriptions and parameter descriptions from help file.
  • Added additional keys to the remote keyboard with the most commonly used PowerShell symbols.
  • Existing Server list is copied to iCloud and can be used across devices.
  • Existing History lists are copied to iCloud and can be used across devices.
  • New Mobile layout for SAPIEN blog pages.
  • Share sheets allow for sharing data via print, email, Twitter, Facebook and AirDrop.
  • Product list dynamically downloaded from SAPIEN web site.
  • Added SkyDrive support.
  • Cloud Services have icons to indicate folders and files.
  • Videos service now lists and plays SAPIEN YouTube videos as well as videos added through iTunes.
  • Push notifications: Receive push notifications for cmdlet updates and other events.
  • Push notifications can be saved and reviewed from the About page.
  • Bug fixes and performance improvements.

If you already have iPowerShell Pro 3 installed, refresh your cmdlets, About-help and Alias table to get the newest data sets.