Service Release (9/23/2013)


Release Notes:

PrimalScript 2012 v 6.5.150:

FIX: PrimalSense for local powershell function displays parameters for another cmdlet
FIX: UTF-8 files without BOM not recognized
FIX: Parameter names not recognized/display incorrectly in some powershell scripts
FIX: Ribbon drawing problem when choosing from MRU list while ribbon is minimized
FIX: Problem inserting Winbatch snippets with comments


PowerShell Studio 2012 v3.1.24:

FIX: Function parsing issue with comments
UPD: Renamed Convert-ToDataTable snippet function to ConvertTo-DataTable
UPD: Improved the performance of ConvertTo-DataTable. Now returns a value.
UPD: Grid Search and Grid Form templates
UPD: Improved file loading speeds
UPD: Removed delay in loading help for cmdlets
UPD: Button – Run Job Control Set. Added comment showing how to read job results.


PrimalSQL 2012 v3.1.12

UPD: Minor changes and fixes


PrimalXML 2012 v3.1.13

UPD: Minor changes and fixes


ChangeVue 2012 v2.1.59

UPD: Minor changes and fixes