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Get Much More For Much Less!

Upgrade PrimalScript 2011/12 or PrimalForms 2011/PowerShell Studio 2012 to the SAPIEN Software Suite 2012 for 30% Off!

If you already own PrimalScript 2012 or PowerShell Studio 2012, you already know how important it is to your work. Easy to use, comprehensive, adaptable, helpful, time-saving… you might wonder how you ever lived without it. Now is your chance to add the rest of the SAPIEN collection to your software portfolio as well as 5 ebooks and 2 video training sets. Yes, you CAN have it all! You receive:

– PrimalScript 2012 or PowerShell Studio 2012
– PrimalSQL 2012
– PrimalXML 2012
– ChangeVue 2012
– 5 ebooks including the very popular Windows PowerShell 2.0 TFM which is both an excellent reference and tutorial
– 2 video training sets: PowerShell and VBScript

The regular cost to upgrade is $349 but, this month only, your cost is only $244.30 and you receive our entire collection of software, ebooks, and training videos—all for 30% off the cost of the regular update!


If you are still using PrimalScript 2011 or PrimalForms 2011, don’t worry—we’ll give you this great deal as well! Upgrade to the SAPIEN Software Suite 2012 for 30% off and receive not only a set of world-class applications but all the ebooks and training videos listed. The regular cost is $525 but, this month only, your cost is $367.50—it’s a great bargain for a great set of tools, references, and tutorials.

This offer is only valid through the end of September on our store (, so take advantage of it right away! Not available through resellers.

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