How would you change PrimalCSV?

PrimalCSV is another one of our community tools up for a review. As CSV is one of the file formats frequently used by administrators to transport large amounts of data from one script to the other, the need for a specialized tool is pretty clear. Whether you just need to see a file to verify its correct structure or need to actually edit the file to adapt the output of a one-off PowerShell command to the input for a script, PrimalCSV has the basics.


Because it’s a single exe file, it is pretty easy to use without installation. On a server where you are not very likely to have Microsoft Excel installed, it can save you quite some time when you deal with CSV file.

As we make our way around the community tools to take them to the next version, we thought we would ask you what you want to add.

  • Multiple tabbed documents?
  • Ribbon interface?
  • automatic detection of Powershell output?

Let us know what you think here in the comments or in our Community Tools forum

Haven’t seen PrimalCSV yet? Download the current version here:

DOWNLOAD PrimalCSV Community Edition (32 Bit)

DOWNLOAD PrimalCSV Community Edition (64 Bit)