Onsite PowerShell Training Offered Worldwide

You heard it right! Yes, worldwide. SAPIEN’s onsite PowerShell training classes have been offered for several years and have now been updated to include PowerShell v3 and as much as is known about v4. These are intense 4- and 5-day classes that will take you from novice to expert or, if your team already has experience, from knowledgeable to super expert. And we bring them to your door!

Our PowerShell For Administrators course features lectures by the instructor, quizzes and tests, and lab work. With a hands-on approach, you will learn all about PowerShell including basics such as running commands and working with the pipeline, to advanced topics such as advanced remoting configuration and using regular expression to parse text files.

The class is taught by Jason Helmick who is not only writing SAPIEN’s new PowerShell book, he is also widely known in the PowerShell world as the COO/CFO of PowerShell.org and also for teaching a video series with the architect of PowerShell at Microsoft, Jeffrey Snover.


Looking to Join a Class?
We may begin scheduling public classes in your city–it all depends on interest.  Ideal class size is 20 to 30 students and, if you might like to join an existing class at some point, please give us a call or drop us a line so that we start scheduling them.

Contact Us
Contact us at (707) 252-8700 x117 or sales@sapien.com and we will be happy to discuss the options, costs, and availability of classes.