SAPIEN sponsors Napa County Science Fair 2013

Just like every year, SAPIEN Technologies is a proud sponsor of the Napa County Science Fair.

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5th and 6th grade students from all over Napa County assembled at the Napa Valley Museum to show off their science and engineering prowess.

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The aisles where packed with visitors and students alike, while the judges made their rounds to evaluate each individual project.

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Terri Asano from Scientopia and the Vintage High School Key Club provided hands-on activities and entertained the crowds with science while the judges deliberated.

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The projects ranged from “Why Moms are more excited at the ballpark” to “Catapult Physics” and

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from “Propeller Efficiency” to “Superbacteria”

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The best projects were awarded a brand new iPad Mini along with a medal and the official certificate, presented by Barbara Nemko, Superintendent at the Napa County Office of Education


The panel of judges:

Cathy Dickey, Rotary Club

Hugh Linn,  RSA Civil/ACEC/Rotary Club, who also provided the medals and certificates

Denny Mosher, Rotary Club

Jennifer Castelazo, Vintage H.S.

Stu Knigge, PG&E

and yours truly Alex Riedel, SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.

Thank you for all your help and I hope to see you all again next year.


Many thanks also go to all the other sponsors and volunteers without whom this even could not have happened:

Pat Alexander from the Napa Valley Museum, providing us with the location, event logistics and her unwavering good sprit.

Terri Asano from  Scientopia, entertaining the crowds with hands-on activities while waiting for the judges.

Dan Kent from the  Rotary Club, who did an excellent job holding the Science Fair Workshop.

Dean Wagner, VHS AP Environmental Studies teacher, student volunteers/hands-on coordinators

Erin Cassell, 5th grade teacher/Canyon Oaks, volunteer

Patricia Lawrence, The Doctors Company/Rotary, volunteer

and the students from the VHS Key Club


And last but not least…

Seana Wagner, Napa County Office of Education

Thanks for always keeping track of who does what, dealing with us volunteers and most importantly doing an outstanding job in getting schools and students to participate.


Prizes provided by the Napa County Office of Education and SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.
Certificates and Medals provided by the Rotary Club of Napa Sunrise
T-Shirts sponsored by the Rotary Club of Napa Sunrise and SAPIEN Technologies, Inc.