New & Improved Support Forum

As you may have noticed, we launched our new Support Forum this past Monday. The phpBB3-based forum offers better search capabilities, an improved editor as well as easier and speedier navigation. The biggest addition, however is the ability to post both PowerShell and VBScript code with appropriate syntax highlighting.

You’ll notice a menu of buttons just under the subject line when you go to post a new topic or reply to an existing one.

Most of the buttons are pretty standard, including the one called ‘code’—this is the default phpBB code button and results in a post that is formatted as follows:

The PowerShell and VBScript buttons go a little further, highlighting the syntax in an easily readable manner. The simplest way to use them is to click the relevant button and then paste your code between the bracketed tags. This default method will include line numbers in your code starting at the number one, like so:

To set your own starting line number, add “_ln=[NUMBER]” to the tags within the brackets. Typing in this (extension highlighted in blue):

Results in a post like this (numbers highlighted in blue):

To remove the line numbers entirely, simply add “_nln” to the tags within the brackets. Typing in this (extension highlighted in blue):

Displays this:

If the entered code extends beyond the forum window, a scrollbar appears for viewing. Double-click anywhere within the code block to select all the code and copy to your clipboard.

That’s it for the forum upgrade. Happy coding!